Katrina Kaif in backless

In the whole industry of bollywood entertainment every actor is very well known for their famous acts and styles. One of the most attracted and hottest star of bollywood is Katrina kaif, she is said to be the moset successful and rising star in bollywood who also steal the beauty of Ashwariya rai. Katrina Kaif has maintained a discipline in bollywood industry and she is rarely found in cheap dressings like two piece bikini or swimsuits. Like every other star is owns beauty and hotness, and her glamorized look and dressing makes her more famous. She is called as a perfect girl and represented as a Barbie doll in bollywood industry.
There are many stars in bollywood who are popular with their looks and beauty, some stars look beautiful in bikinis, some looks sexy with backless, some look hot in shorts and skirts. Whereas looks good in blouse and saris and in western clothes. Her front pose of the body looks perfect, but usually she dresses in such a way that they exposes the lower part of her back instead of upper part, and in some place she has also exposed the upper parts where needed, but it is said that every person is well aware of their beauty, similarly Katrina is well aware that she don’t have good curves and she doesn’t look that sexy in backless where as she looks sexy when she exposes her thighs in skirts and shorts. The reason why she is mostly seen backless where she exposes her lower back is that she knows that her belly is more attractive and because of that she automatically exposes her belly.
She appeared in her recent movie “Tees Maar Khan” where she worn different types of blouse which has a big back strap and she is performing a belly dance to expose her belly and her sexy tummy. So backless dressing doesn’t look that great on in comparison to other bollywood actresses and the reason behind that is maybe that she has a chubby and cute figure and she looks fat from the back because of which she doesn’t make good curves, and every chubby person looks better from the front instead of back.


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